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Harvard University, Periodontic & Implantology

UMDNJ, Advanced Training in Implantology

New York University College of Dentistry, DDS



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1-2-3 DONE!

o Begin your implant procedure with a FREE CONSULTATION from Dr. Daniel Kim

o Over 14 years of experience. Over 10,000 implants placed.

o Certification completed from Harvard University.

02 ‘One-Day Implant’ COMPLETE

o 'One-Day Implant' is a surgical technique that dramatically shortens the period of implant surgery.

o Unlike traditional implant, ‘One-Day Implant’ fixes a titanium root and places an artificial crown on the day of extraction.

o Germany, Sweden, or Calcium implant available.

o Perfect for busy professionals that need to look their best. Need to make a great first impression? Today is your day.

03 Post-Procedure and Permanent Teeth

o It is important to keep in mind that there is a recovery process with any and every surgery.

o When the process of osseo-integration is completed, artificial tooth implant is replaced with permanent ones. They are generally made of stronger, more durable materials and fit the healed gum tissues more precisely.

Am I a Candidate?

One-day implant surgery can only be performed on a healthy gum without periodontal tissue irritation. In addition, if there is diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc., one-day implant could be challenging. Even if you take osteoporosis medication, it can invite jawbone necrosis after surgery, which can make the operation itself difficult. Traditional implant technique is recommended for such situations.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures or Bridge

Dental implants are recommended over bridges and dentures because, unlike the latter, they simulate the natural teeth in terms of appearance and function. The implants are stable and strong, are not prone to cavity formation and help to preserve the natural smile and face shape. As compared to bridges, dental implants do not cause jawbone deterioration and do not require the support of or damage the adjacent healthy teeth when implanted. Unlike dentures, implants cannot loosen and fall out when eating and speaking and can be brushed and flossed just like the natural teeth. Also, implants are more comfortable than dentures and give the freedom to bite and eat different types of foods. They are also more dependable than bridges and dentures, and their outcome is more successful in the long run. Moreover, while bridges and dentures last only for few years and demand frequent replacements, implants can last a lifetime with minor adjustments at intervals. This makes dental implants more cost effective than bridges and dentures.



“Dr. Daniel Kim and his staff are kind and very attentive. Went there for my first time for a cleaning and I was very happy with my results. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door when they asked me if I was Mr. Hernandez! I was amazed at the technology they use and actually found small issues that I need to take care of that other dentist did not find. Dr. Kim is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail. I am looking forward to continuing my visits and I highly recommend Dr. Kim.”

“Dr. Daniel Kim and his staff are very kind and courteous. Dr. Kim's personability made me feel comfortable right away. He is indeed knowledgeable and skilled in his expertise. I am so pleased to have found my dentist. Highly recommended! :).”

“Great service.
I recommend Dr. Daniel to all of my family and friends.”



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